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Please answer both questions completely:. . What's the easiest way to make sure that if I copyright something, that it's mine without have to copyright each article or blog individually?. . ALSO: . . I'm a poet and I want to copyright my work without have to pay "per poem" - how can I do that, but also be able to get things copyrighted regularly?.
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I'm an experienced pro author (of science fiction) based in the UK, and I'm looking into setting up a creative writing course at a local arts centre focused on sf and fantasy. Are there any resources out there in book form or otherwise I might find useful in teaching about both science fiction/fantasy and creative writing in general?.
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How do I remove an image from my blogger sidebar?
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I have an essay in Microsoft Word format which I want to copy/paste into my blogspot blog. But every time I do this, I get error messages from blogspot about all the weird Word coding, and then it comes out looking all crazy format-wise. How can I strip the text of all the Word junk?. . I don't know anything about HTML..
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I would like to change my blogger archive frequency from 1 month to longer, like 3 months. How do I do this?.
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How does one make money from blogs? How does one go about it or start it?
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I don't really like livejournal or xanga. I already have both of those. I was going to try deadjournal because I read on here that it was really good, but I don't want to have to pay for it and you have to have an invite code to get in free. Does anybody have an invite code they could give me, or a suggestion on another free blogging website I could try? Any information would be helpful..
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I like Facebook, but I hate that their notes section isn't as appealing as MySpace's blogs. I've recently transferred a blog from MySpace to Facebook using the "share" icon located beneath each blog.. . However, I do not like the way it appears on my Facebook page. Are there any better ways to import my blogs?.
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Thing is, I've just migrated to Wordpress. However, I have a number of people who have subscribed to my feeds from my blogger blog. What should I do to ensure that they now receive updates from my Wordpress blog? . . FYI, I have a feedburner account..
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How do you protect articles put on a website against copyright infringement?
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Where can I find the best online creative writing courses?
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What the best way to start up a dynamic website on a limited budget?
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Am i legally responsible for content on my blogs & forums that others have written?
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