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I post them, they get 1 or 2 views, and then no more. I would like my content to do more than just give me a few views...how do I get them on the search engines or something like that? Will no one ever go to my blog just because I don't post every day?.
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Is there a copyright or anything on content in Youtube videos?
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What classic books should I read to improve my creative writing?
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I always used to think that, while, the first word meant a person who blogs, the second word stood for a blog hosting site! Now, I am utterly confused because my uncle tells me, that both of them are the same hosting site for those who blog with Google using blogger/blogspot! Can somebody with authentic knowledge please help me resolve my doubt? Please take my question seriously and "I earnestly request" Y!A members to respond with discreet academic answers, following community guidelines..
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