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I think that you should write more on this topic. It may not be a taboo subject but usually persons are not enough to talk on such topics.
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I have about 4-5 sites that are outdated and not used. I have a new blog @ blogspot and I would like to forward those domains so they show up on the blogspot address. How do I go about doing this? My domains are hosted by GoDaddy and are blank at the moment. I had originally forwarded them to another hosting company but they never built the sites..
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I'm looking for a nice digital camera under or around $200 for the purpose of blogging (as in wordpress, blogger, etc). I'm trying to get a blog which will be based around the daily photos I take despite the fact that I'm not really a photographer but only doing it for fun. Any cool features like video would also be great but mainly I'm just looking for something I can take quality pictures, and that will hopefully hide my total amateur abilities. . . Thanks guys!.
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What are the most effective Wordpress plugins to attract the most relevant traffic and maximize website sales?
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I am using the ja_purity2 and have confined the template to the centre of the screen (much like the joomla website). Now I want to add a shadow on the left and right of the "confined" template/website but have no idea on how to do it.. Any help would be appreciated.. Thank You in advance..
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I made a few songs and I want to know how to alter the copyright content on an MP3 file so I can share it online? I want to add (p) Swagers Studios (2009) to the copyright content and was wondering if it was possible. Any help is greatly appreciated.. It's still not letting me edit the copyright content. Ive noticed that some MP3's I downloaded off the net have unofficial copyrights like ZOMG company. If you can't help it's okay.
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How do I display new blog posts on my homepage?
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What would be a good college where I can major in creative writing?
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Do really think this is true?
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I have a lot of bookmarked websites part of Blogspot that I check daily for updates, but it is so annoying to click through a list. If I make an account is there some sort of feature where I can see new posts on the websites? (Sort of like Subscriptions on Xanga)?.
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