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Meanwhile, Ailes had his hands all over the campaign in his backyard. It was also a mess. Democratic town supervisor Richard Shea was up for reelection in November 2011. Ailes wanted him out. "I still owe you one for that article," he told Shea, referring to his comments in The New York Times. Since the volatile town hall meeting on zoning, their relationship had settled into a stalemate. But a few months before the election, Ailes asked Shea to meet him at the PCN office on Main Street. "What you should do is hire an opponent to run against you and then you win," Ailes said. Shea later told others he wondered if Ailes was secretly taping him to set him up.
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Pfizer Inc. fared worst in the Dow Jones industrial average yesterday, losing nearly 3 percent after the company reduced its revenue forecast for 2011.
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CSRC chairman Guo Shuqing said in December that he bears "zero tolerance" to insider trading and vows to build a transparent, honest and credible capital market.
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