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Hello, I'm having trouble trying to change the settings for my facebook account. I use firefox, and when I opened the account I clicked on the button saying I wanted firefox to remember my password info. Well, I've now changed my mind and want to remove firefox from remembering my info. Does anyone know how to do this? Please help if you do. Thank You..
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I'm a writer and I would love to have people's opinions on my work. Does anyone know any good blogging sites?. Twitter is not a blogging site and the only way people see your work on twitter is if they follow you. Twitter and Facebook are not answers that I am looking for. Thank you for your input..
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How do I copy my Wordpress blog onto my computer so I can locally edit and try out plugins before publishing?
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No matter what I do with my Joomla homepage, I can't take the giant Joomla banner off of the top of the screen and replace it with my own. Does anybody know how to do this?.
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What is internet blogging and what is the best blog website?
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I know nothing about blogging, Its just that my friend tells me to use wordpress but I want to start my blog offline to save money. So, can I use ez generator as an offline blogger while using wordpress on it?.
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Can I move a secondary Tumblr blog to a different account?
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I've been thinking of moving from Joomla to Wordpress because it's much easier to use and much more convenient. But the problem is I have many posts, and I don't know what to do... since I'm not a programmer or anything.. . How can I migrate from Joomla to Wordpress?.
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How can I make firefox to prompt me for what to do with a file instead of automatically downloading?
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My computer with itunes crashed, just installed itunes on new computer. How to keep ipod from syncing to it?
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