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I want to make my own Blogger layout because none of the ones I have found incorporate my Header correctly/match with my Header that I want to use. Is there a website that can teach me how to do this? (I also do not have Photoshop, so I need to use another software than that to design). Thank you!.
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I have a blog on Blogspot that I've been trying to customize with my own banner, but I can't seem to figure out where to do this :P A site where I could make a banner would be helpdul, too. If anyone has any directions they could give me to help me out with this, that would be awesome. Thank you!.
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are blog posts reason enough for a company to sue an individual according to the Indian law?
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Where can I find blogging websites that deal with legal issues?
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I am visiting Hollins University very soon because I've researched all the aspects of the english/creative writing department and love it to death. But I am looking for a couple good safety schools with the same strenghts. Any ideas?.
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In Firefox - How to open in new tab automatically when I click a bookmark?
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How do I put a digg button for all my posts in my blog on blogger?
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I want to transfer to a college that focuses on English and have a good Creative Writing program. I want to major in creative writing but don't know what college to transfer to..
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How can I access my home computer that is hooked up to a router through my work computer to view webcam?
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How do i start a website and what is the approximate cost?
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Does anyone know if photocopying an article out of a magzine would be considered copyright infringement? Thanks :-). Okay, now that I see some of the answers I'm going to add some details. What if I bought the magazine myself, made the copies to keep for myself, but then gave the magazine to a friend (not for money)? Thanks..
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heyas :-). how are you all?. well i love to write and i rele want to get into creative writing and but i have a hard time coming up with ideas on what to write about and was wondering if you knew how i could get over this "writer's block"?. . thanks so much!!.
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Wordpress blog posts being emailed to another persons blogs subscribers?
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Where can I take a creative writing class in Chicago this summer?
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