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What is the best way to copyright the content of an online blog?
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Any one know how to get a free copyright for articles published in blogs..?
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What are some good wordpress themes/plugins that allow you to manipulate design?
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My goal here is to link the wordpress blog entries to a frame in a personal site. So I want only the blog entries to appear, but none of the menu bars or other things associated with wordpress only what was posted. I know wordpress is done in PHP so i was wondering if anybody knew the specifics of the coding and how I would go about doing this.. . Thanks!.
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I am asking for my mother. She doesn't necessarily want to make money off them, her purpose is to use her blog (once popular) and use it as references to possibly help her get a newspaper article. She has a title for one called "Answers to Life's Problems". Where can she post blogs and they become popular? She posted it already on WordPress but there are 3 million people posting blogs hers gets lost in the mix. Any suggestions?.
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What is the best short or from home creative writing course available in London?
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I'm looking to start a food blog and i would like for my friends to be able to log on and comment through their facebook accounts so they don't need to make an account on the chosen blogging site to comment. What are some FREE blogging sites that allow you to use your facebook to comment?.
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